Some friends' places.

angry noodle


My brother's site.  I occasionally show up in noodle speak.  Where's Grimace?

kenny and lisa

Kenny was my first cube-mate in grad school.  We both play guitar, so we ended up killing a lot of time arguing about the difference between a "riff" and a "lick."

prime mover  prime mover.

Doug is a drummer friend from high school who is now into photography.  Check out his photos.

washburn  Dr. Washburn, I presume...

Brian is another friend from grad school, and the inspiration for the Washburn principle:  Never demonstrate competence at something you don't want to get stuck doing.  Which is named for him mainly because he violated it so often.

michael  industrial strength michael.

The Mikester is yet another friend from grad school.  He is the fittest person I know.

Mike Bryce  mike bryce

Mike Bryce is an artist we like who is based in Pawtuckett.